Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 3 has launched, ushering in a post-apocalyptic phase with exciting crossovers, including Fallout from Bethesda and Amazon Prime, and the X-Men universe.


Key Highlights of the Update:

New Biome and Crossover Content:

  • The Wasteland: A sandstorm has taken over the Fortnite island, introducing a new southern biome called "the Wasteland."
  • Crossover Characters: The update features characters from Fallout and X-Men, including Magneto and Brotherhood of Steel mech suits.
  • New Characters: The trailer showcases new characters such as Megalo Don, the Machinist, Brite Raider, and Peabody (an actual peapod).
  • Music: The trailer features Metallica's track "Fuel."


New Features and Items:

  • Nitro Boosts for Vehicles: Enhance vehicle speed and performance.
  • Vehicle Mods: Includes grenade launcher turrets and cow catchers to boost ramming power.
  • New Areas: Explore new locations like Redline Rig, Nitrodome, and Brutal Beachhead.
  • New Weapon: The Boom Bolt crossbow, which shoots explosives.
  • Healing Items: Slurp Cactus and Fallout-inspired Nuka-Cola are available to heal characters.


Upcoming Content:

  • Wastelander Magneto Outfit: Scheduled for release in July.


Battle Pass Information:

  • Cost: Approximately $7.50 or 950 V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency.
  • Duration: The battle pass is available until August 16.


Additional Notes:

  • Disney Collaboration: A planned collaboration with Disney did not make it into this update.