Stalwart Esports, a prominent figure in the PUBG Mobile competitive scene, has officially announced its new lineup as it prepares for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) 2024 CSA Spring. This strategic move follows the departure of their previous Mongolian squad, which had significantly contributed to the club’s international acclaim.


New Lineup Details

The revamped team includes a blend of seasoned players and emerging talents, all hailing once again from Mongolia, reflecting the organization's continued confidence in the region's talent pool. The roster includes:

  • Crita
  • Fearless
  • Kirito
  • LEO
  • Skryy


Veterans LEO and Skryy bring a wealth of experience, having competed in numerous high-stakes tournaments over the past four years. LEO, in particular, has a notable history of strong performances, including helping his previous team, ZEUS Esports (now IHC), secure top placements in major tournaments such as PMPL South Asia Season 3 and the PMPL Championship Season 1.


The remaining players, Crita, Fearless, and Kirito, are promising talents who have previously showcased their skills with Astra Academy. Their recent triumph at the PUBG Mobile Dew National Championship 2024, where they outperformed seasoned teams, played a significant role in their recruitment by Stalwart Esports.


Recent Performance and Expectations

The new lineup has already demonstrated their potential by securing commendable positions in recent competitions, including third and fourth places at MESA Premier and PUBG Mobile Community Stars Season 2, respectively. These performances have undoubtedly set high expectations for their upcoming participation in the PMSL 2024 CSA Spring.


Strategic Focus

With the PMSL 2024 CSA Spring on the horizon, starting May 22, Stalwart Esports aims to continue its dominance in the South Asian esports arena. The top five teams from this tournament will advance to the Esports World Cup (PMWC) 2024, making it a crucial event for Stalwart Esports to maintain their top-tier status and possibly repeat their runner-up success at the Global Championship in 2023.


Organizational Goals

Stalwart Esports is positioning itself to leverage its new lineup’s capabilities fully, aiming to foster a strong team dynamic that can sustain and build upon the organization’s historical achievements. Their focus will be not just on winning but also on nurturing the development of their newer players into seasoned competitors who can contribute to the team’s long-term success in the global PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem.


As Stalwart Esports gears up for a busy competitive season with fresh talents and renewed goals, all eyes will be on this dynamic team to see if they can continue their legacy of excellence in the fast-paced world of esports.