The Minecraft 1.20.5 pre-release 2 includes several updates and changes aimed at refining the gameplay experience before the full release. Here's a detailed overview of the changes, new features, and bug fixes included in this pre-release:


New Features & Changes

  • Advancements:

    • The "Snip It!" advancement has been renamed to "Shear Brilliance."
  • UI Enhancements:

    • New animated textures for traveling to the Nether and the End enhance the visual experience of dimension transitions.


Technical Updates

  • Data Pack Version: Updated to version 40, affecting how data packs are handled and interpreted by the game.


Major Bug Fixes

  • Several critical bugs have been addressed in this update:
    • Issues with game crashes when using the /place command incorrectly.
    • Lighting and visual issues with waterlogged barriers.
    • Fixes for entity behavior and interaction, including wolves and shulkers under different game conditions.
    • Adjustments to UI elements and in-game messages to improve clarity and performance.


Gameplay Improvements

  • Fireworks Changes:

    • Adjustments to the SET_FIREWORKS function to simplify its usage and fix related bugs.
  • Item Tooltips:

    • Changes to how NBT data is displayed in tooltips, improving information clarity.


Known Issues & Ongoing Adjustments

  • Mojang continues to monitor and tweak the game based on feedback and bug reports from the community. Players are encouraged to report any new issues that arise to help refine the game further.


Community Impact

  • These changes reflect Mojang's ongoing commitment to respond to community feedback and provide a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience. The introduction of new features and the resolution of existing issues are aimed at both casual and hardcore Minecraft players.

With these updates, Mojang is preparing for a more stable release of Minecraft 1.20.5, ensuring that all new features integrate seamlessly into the game and contribute positively to the overall Minecraft experience.