The Valorant Holomoku Bundle recently surfaced through various online sources following the release of Patch 8.09 in the game. As the event progresses, players have been eagerly anticipating new skins, and it looks like the Holomoku bundle will be the next addition. Although Riot Games has yet to officially announce the Holomoku skin collection, lead leaker and data miner @ValorLeaks on X has shared images of the upcoming skins. Historically, leaks from this source have often been accurate, with leaked content frequently appearing in the game after a short period. Thus, there is a high likelihood that the Valorant Holomoku bundle will be available soon.


Heroic Holomoku Bundle Leak

According to recent leaks, a total of five weapons will be included in the Valorant Holomoku bundle. These weapons are expected to come with player cards and gun buddies. The specific weapons in the Holomoku bundle include:

  • Vandal
  • Outlaw
  • Bulldog
  • Frenzy
  • Melee

The Holomoku bundle will come in two different color variations but will not offer skin enhancements. This is expected to be a Deluxe-tier collection and will replace the Mystbloom bundle in Valorant.


Estimated Cost of the Valorant Holomoku Bundle

The Holomoku bundle is anticipated to be a deluxe-level collection, valued at around 5100 Valorant Points (VP). Players will also have the option to purchase individual weapons from the bundle, with each standalone skin priced at 1275 VP. The primary color scheme of the Holomoku bundle features a wooden finish with futuristic accents on the barrels, while the secondary design showcases a watercolor style with a blue silhouette.


Availability and Additional Features

The Holomoku bundle is expected to be featured in the Night Market, offering players a chance to get these skins at potentially discounted rates.



The Valorant Holomoku bundle brings a new aesthetic to the game, with a mix of traditional and futuristic designs across five weapon skins. With a price point of 5100 VP for the full bundle and 1275 VP for individual skins, players have the flexibility to choose how they want to enhance their in-game arsenal. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Riot Games and potential appearances in the Night Market to grab these skins.