PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has confirmed encountering several glitches with its replay system, affecting thousands of players globally. These issues, which include network delays, forced client shutdowns, and abnormal character movements during replays, were reported by the community and acknowledged by the game's support team via their official Twitter account.


Key Details of the Issue

According to a tweet from PUBG Support posted on April 30, 2024, the team is aware of the problems and is actively investigating to determine the underlying causes. The issues noted include:

  • Network Delays: Players have experienced significant lag during replay sessions.
  • Forced Client Terminations: The game client has unexpectedly shut down for some users while accessing the replay feature.
  • Abnormal Character Movements: Users have reported erratic movements of characters in the replays, which are not reflective of the actual gameplay.

The tweet has attracted considerable attention, amassing over 7,000 views, indicating the widespread impact of these glitches.


Impact on Players

The ability to replay matches is essential for players who use this feature to review their gameplay, strategize, or create content. The current glitches disrupt these activities, leading to frustration within the community.


Developer's Response

PUBG Support has apologized for the inconvenience and assured players that they are working to resolve the issues swiftly. However, they have not provided a specific timeline for when the fixes will be implemented. This has left players waiting for further updates, hoping for a quick resolution.


PUBG's Commitment

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, known for pioneering the battle royale genre, has a robust player base and is renowned for its engaging gameplay. The developer's quick acknowledgment and transparency in communicating about the issue reflect their commitment to maintaining a high-quality gaming experience and addressing any disruptions promptly.


Next Steps for Players

Players are encouraged to monitor PUBG's official communication channels for updates regarding the resolution of these replay system issues. The community remains hopeful that these disturbances will be rectified soon, allowing them to continue enjoying the game without any further interruptions.


This situation underscores the importance of reliable in-game features and the developer's role in swiftly addressing such issues to uphold user satisfaction and trust.