In the world of Pokémon GO, certain Pokémon stand out not for their strength, but for their vulnerabilities, especially those with a 4x weakness to particular types. This makes them particularly susceptible in both PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) battles, despite their other potentially redeeming qualities. Here’s a look at five such Pokémon that might be better off avoided if you’re aiming for a robust lineup.


1. Kartana

Although Kartana boasts an intriguing Grass/Steel type and the prestige of being an Ultra Beast, its shortcomings in Pokémon GO are notable. It lacks Steel-type moves, relying instead on less effective Flying-type moves that don't benefit from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). Additionally, its low Stamina and extreme vulnerability to Fire-type moves (which are common in the meta) make it an easy target to take down.


2. Lunala

As a Legendary Pokémon, Lunala might be expected to be a powerhouse, but it falls short due to its inability to leverage its Ghost typing effectively in fast moves. It primarily uses Psychic-type moves, which, while strong, do not fully capitalize on its dual typing. Furthermore, its significant weaknesses to Ghost and Dark-type moves make it a risky choice, as these types are prevalent in the game.


3. Aggron

Regular Aggron (as opposed to its Mega form) presents a challenge with its 4x weaknesses to Ground and Fighting moves, two very common attack types in competitive play. Though it has resistances to several other types, its slow attack speed and lack of effectiveness in both PvP and PvE battles make it a less desirable option for serious players.


4. Rhyperior

Rhyperior may have some use in specific scenarios, such as the Master League at max level, but its 4x weaknesses to Water and Grass moves significantly limit its viability. These types are frequent choices among players, making Rhyperior a risky bet in most competitive and casual settings.


5. Aurorus

Aurorus, a Pokémon with an aesthetically pleasing design reminiscent of ancient dinosaurs, unfortunately, also inherits a prehistoric level of impracticality in competitive play. Its double weaknesses to Fighting and Steel moves—commonly used in various leagues—along with significant vulnerabilities to several other types, undermine its potential despite having a decent max CP.


Conclusion: While every Pokémon can shine under the right circumstances, the strategic diversity of Pokémon GO often means that those with significant vulnerabilities can become liabilities in both casual and competitive play. Players might find better success focusing on more versatile and resilient Pokémon to enhance their team's overall effectiveness.