In a thought-provoking episode of his podcast "WTF," Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, assembled a panel of gaming industry luminaries, including Animesh Agrawal, aka 8Bit Thug, to dissect the trajectory of esports organizations. The podcast, streamed on Kamath's YouTube channel, also featured Nitesh Mittersain of Nazara Technologies, Sean Hyunil Sohn from Krafton India, and Joseph Kim of Lila Games.

8Bit Thug, a pivotal figure in India's esports scene since 2018, shared his insights on the instability affecting some esports organizations. He discussed the challenges faced by entities that entered the industry with short-term financial aspirations but failed to achieve sustainable success or garner respect within the community.


Thug’s Take on Esports Viability

Thug, who has played a crucial role in founding successful esports ventures like S8UL Esports and Team 8Bit, noted, "There are many esports organisations that are going to be shut down very soon. The organisations came in to make quick money and then disappeared, but neither these organisations were able to make money nor could manage to gain respect in the community. It is a good sign that such organisations are getting shut down, it is very important for the ecosystem."

He further emphasized the evolution of his own organization, S8UL, highlighting that it is no longer a profitable venture in its current form due to declining brand sponsorships and his commitment to maintaining the organization’s integrity by not lowering fees.


Broader Business Insights

The podcast also touched upon broader business strategies and transformations in the wake of COVID-19. Ritesh Agarwal of OYO discussed the severe impacts of the pandemic on the hospitality industry, while Manish Poddar explored the growth of his garment business during economic downturns, emphasizing the potential of the Indian styling industry.


Nikhil Kamath’s Vision

Nikhil Kamath, celebrated for his financial acumen and philanthropic efforts, continued to highlight the importance of adapting business models in challenging times. Known for his rapid ascent in the financial world and his commitment to significant charitable contributions, Kamath's discussions on "WTF" bring to light the critical issues facing industries today, from esports to real estate, showcasing his role as a thought leader in modern business scenarios.