Skyesports has announced the cancellation of the Skyesports Masters 2024 Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Main Event LAN due to the coinciding schedule with the general elections in India. This unforeseen circumstance has necessitated a shift from a physical LAN event to an online format, affecting both participants and fans who were eagerly anticipating the live competition.


Transition to Online Format

Scheduled to take place from April 8th to April 14th, 2024, the main event will now be hosted online, involving eight teams vying for a share of the $350,000 USD prize pool. Skyesports expressed regret over this change, citing difficulties in obtaining the necessary approvals for a large-scale event during the election period as the primary reason for the cancellation.



Despite the shift, Skyesports has committed to ensuring that the event will proceed as planned, promising a high-quality production and a seamless viewing experience for fans globally. The organization's dedication to delivering top-notch esports action remains unchanged, with efforts to mitigate the impact of this transition on the competitive integrity and viewer engagement.


Measures for Indian Teams

Acknowledging the challenges faced by Indian teams in an online format, particularly concerning ping issues, Skyesports has devised a unique solution. The winning team from the Indian Qualifiers will be facilitated to travel and compete from Serbia, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all participants. This initiative underscores Skyesports' commitment to maintaining a level playing field and supporting the Indian esports community.


Team Liquid's Withdrawal

In light of the scheduling changes, Team Liquid, a renowned name in Counter-Strike esports, announced its withdrawal from the Skyesports Masters 2024. The team cited the constantly changing Counter-Strike schedule as the reason for their decision and promised to provide further details regarding their tournament participation in the future.



Looking Forward

The Skyesports Masters 2024 is set to proceed in the double-elimination bracket format, with playoffs featuring Best of 3 (Bo3) matches and the Grand Finals to be contested in a Best of 5 (Bo5) format. Despite the setback caused by the cancellation of the LAN event, the anticipation for the tournament remains high among fans and participants alike.


As the esports community adapts to these changes, the focus now shifts to the online battles that will determine the champion of the Skyesports Masters 2024. The decision to move the event online, while disappointing, showcases Skyesports' adaptability and its commitment to the continuity of esports competition, even in challenging circumstances.