G2 Esports has claimed the title of the 100th Counter-Strike champion by defeating Vitality in the IEM Dallas 2024 finals. The victory was hard-earned, especially after a grueling third map. Key players Stewie2k, NiKo, and huNter delivered crucial firepower, while m0nesy's AWP skills and nexa's strategic gameplay secured multiple rounds for the team.


Match Overview

On May 2, 2024, G2 Esports faced Vitality in a match that extended across all three maps. The performance was memorable, particularly on the second map, Anubis, which went into overtime. Despite a tough fight, G2 persevered and advanced to the final map, Nuke.


Key Highlights

Map 1: Inferno

  • G2 showcased exceptional gameplay, securing a strong position early in the match.

Map 2: Anubis

  • Anubis proved challenging, with ZywOo, Spinx, and mezii from Vitality delivering a surprising and formidable performance. The map went into overtime, with moments where Vitality seemed poised to win. Ultimately, Vitality triumphed on this map, pushing the match to a decisive third map.

Map 3: Nuke

  • Nuke ended with a 13-8 score in favor of G2. Despite resistance from Vitality players like apEX, ZywOo, and mezii, G2's trio—NiKo, Stewie2k, and huNter—proved invaluable. NiKo's defensive strategy was particularly effective, making it difficult for Vitality to secure the site. The final round concluded with a flawless victory, driven by a low-buy strategy.


Stewie2k's Return

Stewie2k made a significant impact in his return season, replacing G2's former IGL HooXi. His performance in the final round, where he secured two crucial frags, was pivotal. The combined efforts of NiKo, huNter, and the rest of the team ensured that Vitality's attack was completely thwarted without losing a single player.