Mumbai: 22feet Tribal Worldwide has launched a new campaign for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), KRAFTON India’s popular battle royale game. Titled ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’, the campaign humorously highlights BGMI’s range of quick gameplay modes, designed to cater to the fast-paced lives of modern gamers.


Campaign Concept

The campaign addresses the increasing demand for shorter, more dynamic gaming experiences, acknowledging the time constraints that many gaming enthusiasts face today. ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’ emphasizes how brief, seemingly insignificant moments in daily life can be perfect opportunities to engage in BGMI’s new lineup of Quick Game Modes.


Key Elements of the Campaign

  • Short Gameplay Modes: While BGMI’s long Battle Royale mode remains highly popular, the campaign brings attention to the variety of quicker game modes available in the game.
  • Humorous Scenarios: The campaign features a series of three quirky films that explore unexpected pockets of free time, or “thoda time,” perfect for enjoying BGMI’s quick game modes.
  • Dramatic and Funny Scripts: The films depict absurd yet plausible scenarios that lead to characters finding short breaks to play BGMI.


Notable Quotes

  • Srinjoy Das, KRAFTON India Associate Director of Marketing:
    • “Cutting clutter when you are talking about something as mundane as lack of time is tough. For this campaign, we found the scripts to be remarkably funny and brought out a very dramatic set of circumstances that piques strong curiosity and ensures high video completion rates. We hope our fans love the beautifully directed films as much as we do.”
  • Vishnu Srivatsav, 22feet Tribal Worldwide Creative Head:
    • “We were seeking the most precious commodity in the known universe, time. And not a large amount of time, but a tiny sliver of it. Every second of free time that people get is a gift from the universe. So we created films showing the series of events that lead to people finding a little bit of time for BGMI’s quick game modes.”


Films in the Campaign

  1. Kutty Gangster:
    • Follows a lovesick gangster whose plan to eliminate his rival hilariously backfires, causing chaos that delays a nearby cab.
  2. A Fishy Tragedy:
    • A dead fish and a mischievous cat set off a chain reaction, leading a professor to miss the bus and get late for class.
  3. Record Breaker:
    • Sushil breaks a record for bursting the most balloons, leading to a series of events that cause a boss to delay a meeting due to some pigeons.



The ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’ campaign by 22feet Tribal Worldwide effectively captures the essence of finding joy in brief moments of free time. By showcasing humorous and dramatic scenarios, the campaign successfully highlights BGMI’s quick game modes, making it relatable and engaging for modern gamers.