Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has unveiled an exciting new collaboration event with the Mumbai Indians, the renowned cricket team from the Indian Premier League (IPL). This event, launched alongside the 3.1 update, provides players with a unique opportunity to earn exclusive rewards by completing missions and collecting points. Here's everything you need to know about the BGMI x Mumbai Indians Prize Path event.


Event Duration

  • Start Date: May 14, 2024
  • End Date: June 6, 2024


Event Overview

The Mumbai Indians Prize Path event guarantees rewards for players who spend a certain amount of Unknown Cash (UC) and complete specific missions. Unlike other events, the rewards here are themed around the Mumbai Indians IPL team and are structured in levels, which can be unlocked by spending 500 UC.



Players can earn various exclusive items by progressing through the levels of the Prize Path. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards available at each level:

  • Level 1: MI Pull Shot Parachute
  • Level 5: The Mumbaikar Set (7 Days)
  • Level 10: MI Jhakaas Helmet Skin
  • Level 13: MI Apun Ka Backpack Skin (7 Days)
  • Level 15: Star Fragment
  • Level 17: MI Dacia Aali Re Skin
  • Level 20: The Mumbaikar Set


How to Earn Prize Path Points

To redeem rewards, players need to earn Prize Path points by completing various missions. Each mission grants a specific number of points, and completing these missions will fill up the progress bar, enabling players to unlock higher levels and claim rewards. Here are some of the missions and the points they offer:

  • Daily Login Missions:

    • Log into the game on a total of 1 day: 10 Prize Path points
    • Log into the game for a total of 10 days: 100 Prize Path points
    • Log into the game for a total of 15 days: 150 Prize Path points
  • Time Spent Missions:

    • Spend over 120 minutes in the game: 100 Prize Path points
    • Spend over 240 minutes in the game: 200 Prize Path points
    • Spend over 360 minutes in the game: 300 Prize Path points
  • Classic Mode Missions:

    • Spend 60 minutes in Classic mode matches: 60 Prize Path points
    • Spend 120 minutes in Classic mode: 100 Prize Path points
    • Hit players 5 times with any weapon in Classic mode: 50 Prize Path points


How to Participate

To participate in the Prize Path event, players need to unlock the Prize Path by spending 500 UC. Once unlocked, they can start completing the missions listed above to earn Prize Path points. Accumulating these points will allow players to progress through the event and redeem exclusive rewards from the event store.



The BGMI x Mumbai Indians Prize Path event is a fantastic opportunity for players to earn unique and themed rewards by engaging in gameplay and completing missions. With exclusive items like the MI Dacia Aali Re skin and The Mumbaikar Set, players can showcase their achievements and support for their favorite IPL team while enjoying the game. Don't miss out on this limited-time event and start collecting your rewards today!