Overview of BGIS 2024: The Grind Week 2 Day 3 for Group 16

The third day of BGIS 2024, The Grind Week 2 saw intense competition within Group 16. Team Psyche emerged as the day's leader, finishing with 41 points and securing a Chicken Dinner. Close on their heels were ESCN Esports and Ghuso Esports, making the leaderboard fiercely competitive.


Detailed Standings for Group 16

Here’s a look at the final standings after Day 3 for Group 16:

  1. Team Psyche - 41 points
  2. ESCN Esports - 37 points
  3. Ghuso Esports - 35 points
  4. Team USNB - 26 points
  5. Rising Falcons - 26 points
  6. Gujarat Tigers - 24 points
  7. Forca Officials - 18 points
  8. Silly Esports - 17 points
  9. Aerobotz Esports - 12 points
  10. Evolution Mizoram - 11 points
  11. Team Madrasi - 8 points
  12. HAIL INDIA - 6 points
  13. TMG Esports - 5 points
  14. Redecent Esports - 2 points
  15. Flame Esports - 2 points
  16. Team White Shadow - 1 point


Match Highlights

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Team Psyche dominated with a 25-point Chicken Dinner, showcasing outstanding individual performances. Team USNB also put in a strong showing with 12 points. Gujarat Tigers, despite a high number of eliminations, struggled to convert these into higher points.

  • Match 2 (Miramar): Ghuso Esports excelled in this round, earning a solid 24-point victory, driven by Asish’s impressive eight kills. ESCN Esports and Team Psyche continued to add consistently to their scores with 12 and 10 points respectively.

  • Match 3 (Sanhok): ESCN Esports clinched the Chicken Dinner with 20 points, while Gujarat Tigers made a significant comeback, adding 16 points to their tally. Rising Falcons also performed well, securing 15 points.


Analysis and Trends

Team Psyche’s consistency across the matches allowed them to maintain the top position in the standings. ESCN Esports and Ghuso Esports displayed strong tactical gameplay, keeping the pressure on the leaders. Notably, Gujarat Tigers, despite their slow start, showed signs of recovery in the third match, which could be pivotal if they maintain this momentum in future games.

Rising Falcons and Team USNB, both securing 26 points, demonstrated that they are strong contenders and could potentially disrupt the rankings in upcoming matches.


Looking Forward

As BGIS 2024: The Grind progresses, the performances in Group 16 suggest a highly competitive landscape. Teams will need to continue adapting their strategies and improving coordination to stay ahead. The next set of matches promises even more excitement as teams vie for supremacy and aim to secure their spots in the next phase of the competition.

Fans and followers of BGIS can look forward to more action-packed gameplay as the teams go head-to-head in pursuit of glory in one of the most anticipated tournaments in the eSports calendar.