Highlights and Standings from BGIS 2024's Thrilling Day of Competition

In the second week of BGIS 2024 The Grind, Group 15 saw intense competition, with GlitchxReborn topping the leaderboard on Day 3. The group was marked by a series of dynamic matches across different maps, showcasing the strategic depth and skill levels of the participating teams.


Overall Standings for Group 15

  1. GlitchxReborn - 43 points
  2. Gamehub Esports - 41 points
  3. Global Esports - 29 points
  4. WSB Gaming - 25 points
  5. Midwave Esports - 24 points
  6. Real Esports - 23 points
  7. Alibaba Raider - 16 points
  8. Team VST - 15 points
  9. Tribal Esports - 13 points
  10. 4Ever Esports - 11 points
  11. Heart Breakers - 11 points
  12. Burnx Officials - 6 points
  13. Flex Official - 5 points
  14. Ruling Since 80’s - 5 points
  15. Team Fuze - 3 points
  16. First 4 Mizoram - 3 points


Match Highlights

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Gamehub Esports kicked off the day with a 21-point Chicken Dinner, featuring standout performances from Ryzee and Magic. GlitchxReborn and Global Esports also added substantial points to their totals, setting a competitive tone for the day.

  • Match 2 (Miramar): GlitchxReborn dominated with a 28-point victory, thanks to exceptional plays by Joyesh and Zodop. WSB Gaming and Real Esports also posted strong results, enhancing their standings in the group.

  • Match 3 (Sanhok): Midwave Esports made a remarkable comeback with a 20-kill Chicken Dinner, highlighted by Poloring’s eight eliminations. Global Esports continued to improve, moving up the leaderboard with solid contributions from Beast and NinjaBoi.


Analysis and Implications

GlitchxReborn’s consistent performance across the matches positioned them at the top of the leaderboard, closely followed by Gamehub Esports, who missed the top spot by just two points. Global Esports, while starting slower, showed gradual improvement, which could be pivotal in upcoming matches.

WSB Gaming and Midwave Esports, despite mixed results, remain strong contenders, indicating that the competition in subsequent rounds will be fierce. On the other hand, teams like Burnx Officials and First 4 Mizoram struggled throughout the day and will need to strategize significantly to improve their standings.


Looking Forward

As BGIS 2024 The Grind progresses, the intense competition in Group 15 promises more thrilling gameplay. Fans can look forward to seeing whether top teams like GlitchxReborn can maintain their lead or if challengers like Gamehub Esports and Global Esports will overtake them in the rankings.

The strategic plays, clutch performances, and tactical prowess displayed so far set the stage for an exciting continuation of The Grind, as teams vie for supremacy in one of the most anticipated segments of the BGIS 2024.