Highlights and Standings from BGIS 2024 The Grind

In the second week of BGIS 2024's The Grind, Team GodLike took the lead in Group 13 with an impressive performance, securing two Chicken Dinners out of three matches on Day 2. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the day’s events and the overall standings.


Overall Standings for Group 13

  1. Team GodLike - 48 points
  2. Autobotz Esports - 37 points
  3. GLA Esports - 35 points
  4. RTGxIND - 22 points
  5. Grind One Esports - 17 points
  6. Troy Tamilan Esports - 16 points
  7. Team Zero Official - 15 points
  8. Rippers - 14 points
  9. 2B4B - 13 points
  10. ASG SF Mizoram - 11 points
  11. The Brawlers - 9 points
  12. Dream Chasers Esports - 8 points
  13. Redx - 8 points
  14. Risenx - 6 points
  15. 12 Busted Cops - 6 points
  16. 7Shore Esports - 2 points


Match Highlights

  • Match 1 (Erangel): Team GodLike started strong with a 21-point Chicken Dinner. Jelly, their IGL, led with four kills. GLA Esports also showed strong performance with 13 points including seven eliminations.
  • Match 2 (Miramar): Autobotz Esports responded in the second game with a commanding 28-point Chicken Dinner, thanks to Orlo's exceptional 10 eliminations. This match saw balanced scoring among several teams, contributing to the tight competition in the standings.
  • Match 3 (Sanhok): GodLike clinched another win, adding 27 points to their tally. Admino and Jelly were notable performers, securing a combined total of 14 eliminations. Team Zero Official and GLA Esports also added crucial points to their standings in this round.


Analysis and Implications

Team GodLike's strategy and execution on Day 2 were impeccable, putting them at the top of the leaderboard with a significant lead. Autobotz Esports and GLA Esports are not far behind, making the upcoming matches critical for these top contenders. The dynamic performances across different maps showcased the teams’ adaptability and strategic planning.

The lower half of the standings, particularly teams like The Brawlers and 7Shore Esports, will need to rethink their strategies to climb up in the upcoming days. With the competition heating up, every match and every point will be crucial in determining who advances further.


Looking Ahead

As BGIS 2024 The Grind progresses, the intense competition in Group 13 promises more thrilling gameplay. Fans and spectators can expect strategic plays, high-stake battles, and potentially surprising turnarounds in the standings. Keep an eye on the next matches to see how teams adjust their tactics and vie for a spot in the subsequent phases of the tournament.