Handheld gaming is surging in popularity in 2024, and Antec has jumped into the fray with its first gaming handheld, the Antec Core HS. This device, however, is not entirely original. It's a rebranded version of the Ayaneo Slide, brought to the market through a partnership with Ayaneo.



Antec Core HS:

  • Design: A sliding screen that reveals a physical keyboard underneath, inspired by the GPD Win handhelds.
  • Hardware: Powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, it promises robust performance for gaming on the go.
  • Price Range: Expected to retail between $600 and $900, indicating variants with different storage and RAM configurations.


Key Features

  1. Sliding Screen with Keyboard:

    • The Core HS's standout feature is its sliding screen, which uncovers a physical keyboard. This design facilitates easy typing during gaming, especially useful for online games where communication is key.
  2. Familiar Hardware:

    • As a rebranded Ayaneo Slide, the Core HS inherits its specifications, ensuring a familiar yet reliable performance profile. The AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor ensures that the device can handle demanding games smoothly.
  3. Partnership with Ayaneo:

    • Antec, traditionally known for its PC cases, has partnered with Ayaneo to leverage its expertise in handheld gaming devices. This partnership aims to make the Core HS more accessible in the US and UK markets, potentially easing the purchasing process compared to Ayaneo's Indiegogo campaigns.


Market Impact

The entry of Antec into the handheld gaming market signifies a growing trend and increased competition. More players in this space mean better availability and competitive pricing, benefitting consumers. The Core HS, with its unique sliding screen and physical keyboard, adds diversity to the handheld options available.


Comparison to Other Handhelds

  • Anbernic RG35XX SP: Anbernic's device resembles the Game Boy Advance SP but plays a wider range of games, focusing on nostalgia and emulation.
  • Ayaneo Slide: The original model that the Antec Core HS rebrands, known for its sliding screen and solid hardware specs.



The Antec Core HS brings a blend of innovation and familiarity to the handheld gaming market. By rebranding the Ayaneo Slide, Antec offers a device with proven performance and a unique design feature that enhances usability for online gaming. As handheld gaming continues to grow, the Core HS represents a significant addition, promising both quality and accessibility for gamers.