Fortnite continues to excite fans with its latest Marvel collaboration, this time featuring the God of Mischief, Loki, and his counterpart, Sylvie Laufeydottir. These new additions follow the successful inclusion of other Marvel characters like Sakaaran Champion Hulk and Hela Odinsdottir, enriching Fortnite's already diverse character roster.


Upcoming Loki and Sylvie Cosmetic Bundles

Fortnite plans to release two separate bundles for Loki and Sylvie. Each bundle is designed to offer players unique in-game items that reflect the characters' distinctive styles and attributes from the Marvel universe.


Loki Bundle Includes:

  • Miss Minutes Backbling: Reactive feature that salutes after eliminating an enemy.
  • TVA Time Stick Pickaxe: Themed after the Time Variance Authority gear.
  • Mischief Flip Emote: A playful emote capturing Loki's trickster essence.
  • Loki Skin: The classic Loki appearance familiar to fans of Marvel's cinematic and comic book series.

Sylvie Bundle Includes:

  • Sylvie’s Crown Backbling: Styled after Sylvie's iconic crown.
  • Sylvie’s Armor Wrap: A weapon wrap that matches Sylvie's battle attire.
  • Sylvie’s Sword Pickaxe: Inspired by Sylvie's weapon in the series.
  • Sylvie Skin: Reflects Sylvie's rugged and ready-for-battle look.


Special Features and LEGO Versions

A standout feature in this collaboration is the inclusion of LEGO Fortnite versions for both Loki and Sylvie skins, including Loki's "Mischief Flip" emote, which will be available in LEGO form. This is an exciting addition for collectors and fans of both the Fortnite and LEGO gaming universes.


Purchase Details and Availability

While individual prices for these items have not yet been announced, all items within the Loki and Sylvie bundles will be available for separate purchase in the Fortnite item shop. This flexibility allows players to choose which elements they wish to acquire based on their preferences and in-game needs.


Upcoming Release and Event Integration

These new Marvel-themed cosmetics are set to be released following the recent launch of Fortnite's Star Wars event, which has introduced new skins and mini-passes. The official release date for the Loki and Sylvie bundles has not yet been confirmed, keeping the community eagerly awaiting further announcements.

This collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel is set to enhance the playing experience with new, thematic content that allows players to embody their favorite interdimensional troublemakers, Loki and Sylvie. As always, Fortnite continues to provide a dynamic and immersive gaming environment with each update.