The Dota 2 community is on the edge of their seats as the long-awaited Crownfall update is speculated to finally drop today. After missing the anticipated release on April 17, which coincided with World Circus Day—apt given the expected circus-themed new hero, Ringmaster—the release seemed imminent but did not materialize.


Why Today for Crownfall?

Historically, Valve, the developer based in Seattle, prefers releasing significant updates on Thursdays, making today, April 18, a strong candidate based on past patterns and the mid-April timeline previously announced. This aligns with the community's expectation and the general logic that major patches tend to drop near the middle of the month.


Potential Complications if Delayed

If the update doesn’t arrive today, it's unlikely to happen this week since Valve typically avoids Friday releases to ensure they have immediate bandwidth to address any emergent issues post-update. Furthermore, any further delay could clash with the ESL One Birmingham tournament starting Monday, posing a challenge for players and teams if significant game changes occur mid-tournament.


Community Reaction and Speculations

The community, including popular streamer TeaGuvnor, has been eagerly waiting, with some streamers even hosting live sessions to catch the update as soon as it drops. The lack of recent teasers from Valve or community insiders like Wykrhm Reddy, who often hint at upcoming releases, has only fueled more speculation and a bit of anxiety within the community.


What's at Stake?

The update is not just any patch—it's set to introduce substantial changes and a new hero, which could significantly affect gameplay dynamics. The anticipation is not without reason, as these updates can redefine strategies and hero preferences across the game’s meta, impacting everything from casual play to high-stakes tournaments.


As the Dota 2 community holds its breath for the Crownfall update, the hope is that Valve will deliver the update today, avoiding potential disruptions to the upcoming major tournament and fulfilling the players' high expectations. Until then, the community watches, waits, and speculates on what could be one of the most significant updates in recent Dota 2 history.