Warzone Mobile, the highly anticipated battle royale game, has faced another setback with its latest mini-update failing to resolve persistent issues and introducing new bugs instead. One significant bug causing concern among players is the frame rate drop issue when using assault rifles like the M16, M4, or Holger on Android devices. Despite higher FPS caps set in the graphics settings, players experience a plummet to around 45–47 FPS, severely impacting gameplay. While switching to another weapon temporarily restores the frame rate, the problem persists, specifically with assault rifles.


FPS Bugs with Assault Rifles Reported by Warzone Mobile Playtesters

Notably, popular YouTuber and playtest participant ShubhGamerz highlighted that the recent mini-update failed to address the assault rifle FPS drop issue and even introduced new bugs, exacerbating the overall gaming experience. With only nine days remaining until the global launch, such performance issues and a lack of optimization are worrisome.


Hope for a Fix in Upcoming Restricted Playtest

Despite the setbacks, players cling to hope as developers hint at an upcoming graphics settings update scheduled for this week. This update may potentially unlock higher resolutions and maximum graphics settings, particularly for flagship devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max series. Although there is no confirmation yet regarding the extension of this update to Android flagships with chipsets like Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, players eagerly anticipate improvements. Additionally, developers have restricted creators from sharing gameplay footage from the upcoming update, indicating significant changes may be underway before the global launch.


As the countdown to the launch continues, players remain hopeful for a smooth gaming experience

As the battle royale genre gains momentum on mobile platforms, addressing performance issues becomes paramount for developers. The success of Warzone Mobile may hinge on its ability to deliver a consistent and enjoyable gaming experience across a diverse range of devices on both Android and iOS platforms